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Steady free-surface flow over spatially periodic topography

  • B. J. Binder (a1), M. G. Blyth (a2) and S. Balasuriya (a1)


Two-dimensional free-surface flow over a spatially periodic channel bed topography is examined using a steady periodically forced Korteweg–de Vries equation. The existence of new forced solitary-type waves with periodic tails is demonstrated using recently developed non-autonomous dynamical-systems theory. Bound states with two or more co-existing solitary waves are also identified. The solution space for varying amplitude of forcing is explored using a numerical method. A rich bifurcation structure is uncovered and shown to be consistent with an asymptotic theory based on small forcing amplitude.


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Steady free-surface flow over spatially periodic topography

  • B. J. Binder (a1), M. G. Blyth (a2) and S. Balasuriya (a1)


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