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Similarity models for unsteady free convection flows along a differentially cooled horizontal surface

  • Alan Shapiro (a1) (a2) and Evgeni Fedorovich (a1)


A class of unsteady free convection flows over a differentially cooled horizontal surface is considered. The cooling, specified in terms of an imposed negative buoyancy or buoyancy flux, varies laterally as a step function with a single step change. As thermal boundary layers develop on either side of the step change, an intrinsically unsteady, boundary-layer-like flow arises in the transition zone between them. Self-similarity model solutions of the Boussinesq equations of motion, thermal energy, and mass conservation, within a boundary-layer approximation, are obtained for flows of unstratified fluids driven by a surface buoyancy or buoyancy flux, and flows of stably stratified fluids driven by a surface buoyancy flux. The motion is characterized by a shallow, primarily horizontal flow capped by a weak return flow. Stratification weakens the primary flow and strengthens the return flow. The flows intensify as the step change in surface forcing increases or as the Prandtl number decreases. Simple formulas are obtained for the propagation speeds, trajectories and the evolution of velocity maxima and other local extrema. Similarity-model predictions are verified through numerical simulations in which no boundary-layer approximations are made.


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Similarity models for unsteady free convection flows along a differentially cooled horizontal surface

  • Alan Shapiro (a1) (a2) and Evgeni Fedorovich (a1)


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