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Side-wall boundary layers in rotating axial flow

  • L. G. Redekopp (a1)


The boundary layers forming on the walls of an aligned cylinder in a rotating fluid in axial motion are studied theoretically. The analysis shows that the side-wall boundary layer is of the Blasius type when the Rossby number exceeds the inverse square root of the Reynolds number and is transformed to the Stewartson $\frac{1}{3}$-layer when the Rossby number is less than this value. A second thicker boundary layer is superimposed on the $\frac{1}{3}$-layer whenever the difference between the azimuthal velocities of the ambient fluid and the boundary exceeds the axial velocity. Its thickness varies according to the relative magnitudes of these velocities and yields the Stewartson ¼-layer thickness only when the ratio of the azimuthal velocity difference to the axial velocity is of order E, where E is the Ekman number. A uniformly valid solution is obtained for the first case when the boundary layer is of the Blasius type.



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Side-wall boundary layers in rotating axial flow

  • L. G. Redekopp (a1)


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