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Self-similarity of the large-scale motions in turbulent pipe flow

  • Leo H. O. Hellström (a1), Ivan Marusic (a2) and Alexander J. Smits (a1) (a3)


Townsend’s attached eddy hypothesis assumes the existence of a set of energetic and geometrically self-similar eddies in the logarithmic layer in wall-bounded turbulent flows, which can be scaled with their distance to the wall. To examine the possible self-similarity of the energetic eddies in fully developed turbulent pipe flow, we performed stereo particle image velocimetry measurements together with a proper orthogonal decomposition analysis. For two Reynolds numbers, $Re_{{\it\tau}}=1330$ and 2460, the resulting modes/eddies were shown to exhibit self-similar behaviour for eddies with wall-normal length scales spanning a decade. This single length scale provides a complete description of the cross-sectional shape of the self-similar eddies.


Corresponding author

Email address for correspondence: lhellstr@Princeton.EDU


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