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Secondary motion in turbulent pipe flow with three-dimensional roughness

  • L. Chan (a1), M. MacDonald (a1), D. Chung (a1), N. Hutchins (a1) and A. Ooi (a1)...


The occurrence of secondary flows is investigated for three-dimensional sinusoidal roughness where the wavelength and height of the roughness elements are systematically altered. The flow spanned from the transitionally rough regime up to the fully rough regime and the solidity of the roughness ranged from a wavy, sparse roughness to a dense roughness. Analysing the time-averaged velocity, secondary flows are observed in all of the cases, reflected in the coherent stress profile which is dominant in the vicinity of the roughness elements. The roughness sublayer, defined as the region where the coherent stress is non-zero, scales with the roughness wavelength when the roughness is geometrically scaled (proportional increase in both roughness height and wavelength) and when the wavelength increases at fixed roughness height. Premultiplied energy spectra of the streamwise velocity turbulent fluctuations show that energy is reorganised from the largest streamwise wavelengths to the shorter streamwise wavelengths. The peaks in the premultiplied spectra at the streamwise and spanwise wavelengths are correlated with the roughness wavelength in the fully rough regime. Current simulations show that the spanwise scale of roughness determines the occurrence of large-scale secondary flows.


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Secondary motion in turbulent pipe flow with three-dimensional roughness

  • L. Chan (a1), M. MacDonald (a1), D. Chung (a1), N. Hutchins (a1) and A. Ooi (a1)...


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