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A scaling analysis for turbulent shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions

  • L. J. Souverein (a1), P. G. Bakker (a2) and P. Dupont (a3)


A model based on mass conservation properties is developed for shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions (SWBLIs), aimed at reconciling the observed great diversity in flow organization documented in the literature, induced by variations in interaction geometry and aerodynamic conditions. It is the basis for a scaling approach for the interaction length that is valid independent of the geometry of the flow (considering compression corners and incident-reflecting shock interactions). As part of the analysis, a scaling argument is proposed for the imposed pressure jump that depends principally on the free-stream Mach number and the flow deflection angle. Its interpretation as a separation criterion leads to a successful classification of the separation states for turbulent SWBLIs (attached, incipient or separated). In addition, the dependence of the interaction length on the Reynolds number and the Mach numbers is accounted for. A large compilation of available data provides support for the validity of the model. Some general properties on the state of the flow are derived, independent of the geometry of the flow and for a wide range of Mach numbers and Reynolds numbers.


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A scaling analysis for turbulent shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions

  • L. J. Souverein (a1), P. G. Bakker (a2) and P. Dupont (a3)


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