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Scale diagrams for forced plumes

  • B. R. Morton (a1) and Jason Middleton (a1)


A wide range of behaviour for turbulent forced plumes generated by vertical emission of heated or other buoyant fluid from finite sources in extensive and otherwise still uniform environments can be represented on a single non-dimensional diagram of characteristic heights, plotted against a parameter Γ, which for forced plumes represents the balance of flow conditions imposed at the physical source. The set of curves presented includes the maximum height of ascent for negatively buoyant plumes, and the height of transition from jet-like to plume-like behaviour above sources emitting buoyant fluid with excess momentum. The levels of various point and planar virtual sources are displayed also for comparison with earlier solutions. This scale diagram relates ascent and transition heights to the initial conditions at actual sources, in contrast to earlier presentations which have unduly emphasized virtual sources.

A scale diagram for maximum ascent heights in stably stratified environments permits choice of the range of source conditions for a specified height of ascent and ambient stratification.



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Scale diagrams for forced plumes

  • B. R. Morton (a1) and Jason Middleton (a1)


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