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Rapid distortion theory on transversely sheared mean flows of arbitrary cross-section

  • M. E. Goldstein (a1), S. J. Leib (a2) and M. Z. Afsar (a3)


This paper is concerned with rapid distortion theory on transversely sheared mean flows that (among other things) can be used to analyse the unsteady motion resulting from the interaction of a turbulent shear flow with a solid surface. It expands on a previous analysis of Goldstein et al. (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 824, 2017, pp. 477–512) that uses a pair of conservation laws to derive upstream boundary conditions for planar mean flows and extends these findings to transversely sheared flows of arbitrary cross-section. The results, which turn out to be quite general, are applied to the specific case of a round jet interacting with the trailing edge of a flat plate and are used to calculate the radiated sound field, which is then compared with experimental data taken at the NASA Glenn Research Center.


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Rapid distortion theory on transversely sheared mean flows of arbitrary cross-section

  • M. E. Goldstein (a1), S. J. Leib (a2) and M. Z. Afsar (a3)


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