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The preferred mode of incompressible jets: linear frequency response analysis

  • X. Garnaud (a1), L. Lesshafft (a1), P. J. Schmid (a1) and P. Huerre (a1)


The linear amplification of axisymmetric external forcing in incompressible jet flows is investigated within a fully non-parallel framework. Experimental and numerical studies have shown that isothermal jets preferably amplify external perturbations for Strouhal numbers in the range $0. 25\leq {\mathit{St}}_{D} \leq 0. 5$ , depending on the operating conditions. In the present study, the optimal forcing of an incompressible jet is computed as a function of the excitation frequency. This analysis characterizes the preferred amplification as a pseudo-resonance with a dominant Strouhal number of around $0. 45$ . The flow response at this frequency takes the form of a vortical wavepacket that peaks inside the potential core. Its global structure is characterized by the cooperation of local shear-layer and jet-column modes.


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