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Prandtl–Batchelor flow past a flat plate at normal incidence in a channel–inviscid analysis

  • Colin Turfus (a1)


A calculation is made of the steady profile adopted by a touching pair of vortex regions with equal and opposite vorticity in a bounded uniform stream. A family of possible solutions is deduced, depending upon the magnitude of a (non-dimensionalized) vorticity parameter. A similar calculation is carried out incorporating a flat plate normal to the stream at the upstream end of the vortex configuration. The requirement of tangential separation at the plate tip selects a unique value of the vorticity. It is found that, as the width of the plate is reduced in relation to that of the channel, the vortex profile asymptotically approaches one member of the above mentioned family. The asymptotic form of the flow in the vicinity of the plate is deduced for this case and compared with a previous calculation.



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Prandtl–Batchelor flow past a flat plate at normal incidence in a channel–inviscid analysis

  • Colin Turfus (a1)


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