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Optimal sensor placement for variational data assimilation of unsteady flows past a rotationally oscillating cylinder

  • Vincent Mons (a1), Jean-Camille Chassaing (a1) and Pierre Sagaut (a2)


An optimal sensor placement procedure is proposed within the framework of variational data assimilation (DA) for unsteady flows, with the aim of maximizing the efficiency of the DA procedure. It is dedicated to the a priori design of a sensor network, and relies on a first-order adjoint approach. The proposed methodology first consists in identifying, via optimal control, the locations in the flow that have the greatest sensitivity with respect to a change in the initial condition, boundary conditions or model parameters. In a second step, sensors are placed at these locations for DA purposes. The use of this optimal sensor placement procedure does not require extra development in the case where a variational DA suite is available. The proposed methodology is applied to the reconstruction of unsteady bidimensional flows past a rotationally oscillating cylinder. More precisely, the possibilities of reconstructing the rotational speed of the cylinder and the initial flow, which here encompasses upstream conditions, from various types of observations are investigated via variational DA. Then, the observation optimization procedure is employed to identify optimal locations for placing velocity sensors downstream of the cylinder. Both reduction in the computational cost and improvement in the quality of the reconstructed flow are achieved through optimal sensor placement, encouraging the application of the proposed methodology to more complex and realistic flows.


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