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The onset of transient turbulence in minimal plane Couette flow

  • Julius Rhoan T. Lustro (a1), Genta Kawahara (a1), Lennaert van Veen (a2), Masaki Shimizu (a1) and Hiroshi Kokubu (a3)...


The onset of transient turbulence in minimal plane Couette flow has been identified theoretically as homoclinic tangency with respect to a simple edge state for the Navier–Stokes equation, i.e., the gentle periodic orbit (the lower branch of a saddle-node pair) found by Kawahara & Kida (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 449, 2001, pp. 291–300). The first tangency of a pair of distinct homoclinic orbits to this periodic edge state has been discovered at Reynolds number $Re\equiv Uh/\unicode[STIX]{x1D708}=Re_{T}\approx 240.88$ ( $U$ , $h$ , and $\unicode[STIX]{x1D708}$ being half the difference of the two wall velocities, half the wall separation, and the kinematic viscosity of fluid, respectively). At $Re>Re_{T}$ a Smale horseshoe appears on the Poincaré section through transversal homoclinic points to generate a transient chaos that eventually relaminarises. In numerical experiments a sustaining chaos, which is a consequence of period-doubling cascade stemming from the upper branch of another saddle-node pair of periodic orbits, is observed in a narrow range of the Reynolds number, $Re\approx 240.40$ –240.46. At the upper edge of this $Re$ range it is found that the chaotic set touches the lower branch of this pair, i.e., another edge state. The corresponding chaotic attractor is replaced by a chaotic saddle at $Re\approx 240.46$ , and subsequently this saddle touches the gentle periodic edge state on the boundary of the laminar basin at the tangency Reynolds number $Re=Re_{T}$ . After this crisis on the boundary of the laminar basin, for $Re>Re_{T}$ , chaotic transients that eventually relaminarise can be observed.


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The onset of transient turbulence in minimal plane Couette flow

  • Julius Rhoan T. Lustro (a1), Genta Kawahara (a1), Lennaert van Veen (a2), Masaki Shimizu (a1) and Hiroshi Kokubu (a3)...


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