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On the formation and propagation of nonlinear internal boluses across a shelf break



High-resolution two- and three-dimensional numerical simulations are performed of first-mode internal gravity waves interacting with a shelf break in a linearly stratified fluid. The interaction of nonlinear incident waves with the shelf break results in the formation of upslope-surging vortex cores of dense fluid (referred to here as internal boluses) that propagate onto the shelf. This paper primarily focuses on understanding the dynamics of the interaction process with particular emphasis on the formation, structure and propagation of internal boluses onshelf. A possible mechanism is identified for the excitation of vortex cores that are lifted over the shelf break, from where (from the simplest viewpoint) they essentially propagate as gravity currents into a linearly stratified ambient fluid.



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On the formation and propagation of nonlinear internal boluses across a shelf break



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