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The offshore vortex train

  • N. Matsunaga (a1), K. Takehara (a2) and Y. Awaya (a3)


A row of two-dimensional vortices forms in an offshore zone when regular surface waves run up a sloping flat bed. This vortex row is called the offshore vortex train. The vortices begin to appear near the breaking point. Moving in the offshore direction, they develop and increase their horizontal lengthscale through vortex merging. After reaching a particular offshore location, however, they decay rapidly. The formation region of the vortex train has been investigated on the basis of visual experiments for three bed slopes. Its formation does not depend on the type of wave breaking but is observed when the steepness of deep-water waves is smaller than 4.2 × 10−2. The horizontal lengthscale of the vortices and the velocities of the vortex movement have also been evaluated empirically.



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The offshore vortex train

  • N. Matsunaga (a1), K. Takehara (a2) and Y. Awaya (a3)


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