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Numerical investigation of shear-flow free-surface turbulence and air entrainment at large Froude and Weber numbers

  • Xiangming Yu (a1), Kelli Hendrickson (a1), Bryce K. Campbell (a1) and Dick K. P. Yue (a1)


We investigate two-phase free-surface turbulence (FST) associated with an underlying shear flow under the condition of strong turbulence (SFST) characterized by large Froude ( $Fr$ ) and Weber ( $We$ ) numbers. We perform direct numerical simulations of three-dimensional viscous flows with air and water phases. In contrast to weak FST (WFST) with small free-surface distortions and anisotropic underlying turbulence with distinct inner/outer surface layers, we find SFST to be characterized by large surface deformation and breaking accompanied by substantial air entrainment. The interface inner/outer surface layers disappear under SFST, resulting in nearly isotropic turbulence with ${\sim}k^{-5/3}$ scaling of turbulence kinetic energy near the interface (where $k$ is wavenumber). The SFST air entrainment is observed to occur over a range of scales following a power law of slope $-10/3$ . We derive this using a simple energy argument. The bubble size spectrum in the volume follows this power law (and slope) initially, but deviates from this in time due to a combination of ongoing broad-scale entrainment and bubble fragmentation by turbulence. For varying $Fr$ and $We$ , we find that air entrainment is suppressed below critical values $Fr_{cr}$ and $We_{cr}$ . When $Fr^{2}>Fr_{cr}^{2}$ and $We>We_{cr}$ , the entrainment rate scales as $Fr^{2}$ when gravity dominates surface tension in the bubble formation process, while the entrainment rate scales linearly with $We$ when surface tension dominates.


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Numerical investigation of shear-flow free-surface turbulence and air entrainment at large Froude and Weber numbers

  • Xiangming Yu (a1), Kelli Hendrickson (a1), Bryce K. Campbell (a1) and Dick K. P. Yue (a1)


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