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Non-localized boundary layer instabilities resulting from leading edge receptivity at moderate supersonic Mach numbers

  • M. E. Goldstein (a1) and Pierre Ricco (a2)


This paper uses matched asymptotic expansions to study the non-localized (which we refer to as global) boundary layer instabilities generated by free-stream acoustic and vortical disturbances at moderate supersonic Mach numbers. The vortical disturbances produce an unsteady boundary layer flow that develops into oblique instability waves with a viscous triple-deck structure in the downstream region. The acoustic disturbances (which for reasons given herein are assumed to have obliqueness angles that are close to a certain critical angle) generate slow boundary layer disturbances which eventually develop into oblique stable disturbances with an inviscid triple-deck structure in a region that lies downstream of the viscous triple-deck region. The paper shows that both the vortically generated instabilities and the acoustically generated oblique disturbances ultimately develop into modified Rayleigh-type instabilities (which can either grow or decay) further downstream.


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Non-localized boundary layer instabilities resulting from leading edge receptivity at moderate supersonic Mach numbers

  • M. E. Goldstein (a1) and Pierre Ricco (a2)


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