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Nonlinear spatial evolution of helical disturbances to an axial jet

  • S. M. Churilov (a1) and I. G. Shukhman (a1)


We investigate the weakly nonlinear spatial evolution of helical disturbances of an axisymmetrical jet which are the analogue of three-dimensional disturbances, such as a single oblique wave (the wave vector is directed at an angle to the main flow velocity) in plane-parallel flows. It is shown that when a supercriticality is large enough, the perturbation amplitude A grows in the streamwise direction (along z) explosively: A ∼ (z0z)−5/2, though more slowly than in the case of essentially three-dimensional disturbances in the form of a pair of oblique waves (A ∼ (z0z)−3; Goldstein & Choi 1989). The nonlinearity needed for such a growth, is due equally to the cylindricity of shear layer and to the spatial character of the evolution (in the temporal problem the ‘evolution’ contribution is absent). At a smaller supercriticality, the evolution equation has a non-local (integral in z) nonlinearity, unusual for the regime of a viscous critical layer. Scenarios of disturbance development for different levels of supercriticality are studied, with proper account taken of viscous broadening of the flow.



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Nonlinear spatial evolution of helical disturbances to an axial jet

  • S. M. Churilov (a1) and I. G. Shukhman (a1)


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