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Nonlinear interaction between a boundary layer and a liquid film

  • M. VLACHOMITROU (a1) and N. PELEKASIS (a1)


The nonlinear stability of a laminar boundary layer that flows at high Reynolds number (Re) above a plane surface covered by a liquid film is investigated. The basic flow is considered to be nearly parallel and the simulations are based on triple deck theory. The overall interaction problem is solved using the finite element methodology with the two-dimensional B-cubic splines as basis functions for the unknowns in the boundary layer and the film and the one-dimensional B-cubic splines as basis functions for the location of the interface. The case of flow above an oscillating solid obstacle is studied and conditions for the onset of Tollmien–Schlichting (TS) waves are recovered in agreement with the literature. The convective and absolute nature of TS and interfacial waves is captured for gas-film interaction, and the results of linear theory are recovered. The evolution of nonlinear disturbances is also examined and the appearance of solitons, spikes and eddy formation is monitored on the interface, depending on the relative magnitude of Froude and Weber numbers (Fr, We), and the gas to film density and viscosity ratios (ρ/ρw, μ/μw). For viscous films TS waves grow on a much faster time scale than interfacial waves and their effect is essentially decoupled. The influence of interfacial disturbances on short-wave growth in the bulk of the boundary layer bypassing classical TS wave development is captured. For highly viscous films for which inertia effects can be neglected, e.g. aircraft anti-icing fluids, soliton formation is obtained with their height remaining bounded below a certain height. When water films are considered interfacial waves exhibit unlimited local growth that is associated with intense eddy formation and the appearance of finite time singularities in the pressure gradient.


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Nonlinear interaction between a boundary layer and a liquid film

  • M. VLACHOMITROU (a1) and N. PELEKASIS (a1)


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