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Nonlinear behaviour of the Mack mode in a hypersonic boundary layer

  • Stuart A. Craig (a1), Raymond A. Humble (a2), Jerrod W. Hofferth (a3) and William S. Saric (a2)


Mack-mode waves are measured in a hypersonic boundary layer using high-frequency focusing schlieren deflectometry. Experiments are performed using a $5^{\circ }$ flared cone at $0^{\circ }$ angle of attack in the low-disturbance Mach 6 Quiet Tunnel at Texas A&M University across a free-stream unit Reynolds number range of $7.8\times 10^{6}~\text{m}^{-1}\leqslant \mathit{Re}^{\prime }\leqslant 11.0\times 10^{6}~\text{m}^{-1}$ . The high-frequency response of the measurement system allows harmonics and other nonlinear behaviour to be measured. Mack-mode waves and several harmonics are clearly observed at a frequency of $f_{0}\approx 250~\text{kHz}$ . Bispectral analysis is used to show that these waves undergo several quadratic phase-coupled sum and difference interactions with themselves to produce harmonics, as well interact with a relatively low-frequency wave that results in amplitude modulation. Bispectral analysis is used to highlight these interactions.


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Nonlinear behaviour of the Mack mode in a hypersonic boundary layer

  • Stuart A. Craig (a1), Raymond A. Humble (a2), Jerrod W. Hofferth (a3) and William S. Saric (a2)


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