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Modulated surface waves in large-aspect-ratio horizontally vibrated containers

  • FERNANDO VARAS (a1) and JOSÉ M. VEGA (a2)


We consider the harmonic and subharmonic modulated surface waves that appear upon horizontal vibration along the surface of the liquid in a two-dimensional large-aspect-ratio (length large compared to depth) container, whose depth is large compared to the wavelength of the surface waves. The analysis requires us also to consider an oscillatory bulk flow and a viscous mean flow. A weakly nonlinear description of the harmonic waves is made which provides the threshold forcing amplitude to trigger harmonic instabilities, which are of various qualitatively different kinds. A linear analysis provides the threshold amplitude for the appearance of subharmonic waves through a subharmonic instability. The results obtained are used to make several specific qualitative and quantitative predictions.



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Modulated surface waves in large-aspect-ratio horizontally vibrated containers

  • FERNANDO VARAS (a1) and JOSÉ M. VEGA (a2)


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