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Local dissipation scales and energy dissipation-rate moments in channel flow

  • P. E. Hamlington (a1), D. Krasnov (a2), T. Boeck (a2) and J. Schumacher (a2)


Local dissipation-scale distributions and high-order statistics of the energy dissipation rate are examined in turbulent channel flow using very high-resolution direct numerical simulations at Reynolds numbers , and . For sufficiently large , the dissipation-scale distributions and energy dissipation moments in the channel bulk flow agree with those in homogeneous isotropic turbulence, including only a weak Reynolds-number dependence of both the finest and largest scales. Systematic, but -independent, variations in the distributions and moments arise as the wall is approached for . In the range , there are substantial differences in the moments between the lowest and the two larger values of . This is most likely caused by coherent vortices from the near-wall region, which fill the whole channel for low .


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Local dissipation scales and energy dissipation-rate moments in channel flow

  • P. E. Hamlington (a1), D. Krasnov (a2), T. Boeck (a2) and J. Schumacher (a2)


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