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Inviscid waves on a Lamb–Oseen vortex in a rotating stratified fluid: consequences for the elliptic instability



The inviscid waves propagating on a Lamb–Oseen vortex in a rotating medium for an unstratified fluid and for a strongly stratified fluid are analysed using numerical and asymptotic approaches. By a local Lagrangian description, we first provide the characteristics of the local plane waves (inertia–gravity waves) as well as the local growth rate associated with the centrifugal instability when the vortex is unstable. A global WKBJ approach is then used to determine the frequencies of neutral core modes and neutral ring modes. We show that these global Kelvin modes only exist in restricted domains of the parameters. The consequences of these domain limitations for the occurrence of the elliptic instability are discussed. We argue that in an unstratified fluid the elliptic instability should be active in a small range of the Coriolis parameter which could not have been predicted from a local approach. The wavenumbers of the sinuous modes of the elliptic instability are provided as a function of the Coriolis parameter for both an unstratified fluid and a strongly stratified fluid.



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Inviscid waves on a Lamb–Oseen vortex in a rotating stratified fluid: consequences for the elliptic instability



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