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Internal wave generation by tidal flow over a two-dimensional ridge: energy flux asymmetries induced by a steady surface trapped current

  • Kevin G. Lamb (a1) and M. Dunphy (a2)


The effects of a surface trapped steady background current on internal waves generated by tidal currents oscillating over a small symmetric ridge are investigated using a two-dimensional primitive equation model. A rigid lid is used with a linearly stratified fluid and the effects of rotation are not considered. We consider uni-directional background currents $\bar{U}(z)\geqslant 0$ confined to a surface layer lying well above the ridge. The current introduces asymmetries in the generated wave field. For sufficiently narrow ridges the upstream energy flux is larger than the downstream flux while the opposite is the case for sufficiently wide ridges. The total energy flux radiating away from the ridge is not significantly affected by the current. Mean second-order currents and pressure fields are shown to make important contributions to the total energy flux. A first-order linear theory, valid for a general stratification and surface current, which accurately predicts the wave field is also developed.


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Internal wave generation by tidal flow over a two-dimensional ridge: energy flux asymmetries induced by a steady surface trapped current

  • Kevin G. Lamb (a1) and M. Dunphy (a2)


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