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Highly resolved pulsatile flows through prosthetic heart valves using the entropic lattice-Boltzmann method

  • B. Min Yun (a1), L. P. Dasi (a2), C. K. Aidun (a1) (a3) and A. P. Yoganathan (a1) (a4)


Prosthetic heart valves have been widely used to replace diseased or defective native heart valves. Flow through bileaflet mechanical heart valves (BMHVs) have previously demonstrated complex phenomena in the vicinity of the valve owing to the presence of two rigid leaflets. This study aims to accurately capture the complex flow dynamics for pulsatile flow through a 23 mm St Jude Medical (SJM) Regent™ BMHV. The lattice-Boltzmann method (LBM) is used to simulate pulsatile flow through the valve with the inclusion of reverse leakage flow at very high spatiotemporal resolution that can capture fine details in the pulsatile BMHV flow field. For higher-Reynolds-number flows, this high spatiotemporal resolution captures features that have not been observed in previous coarse resolution studies. In addition, the simulations are able to capture with detail the features of leaflet closing and the asymmetric b-datum leakage jet during mid-diastole. Novel flow physics are visualized and discussed along with quantification of turbulent features of this flow, which is made possible by this parallelized numerical method.


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Highly resolved pulsatile flows through prosthetic heart valves using the entropic lattice-Boltzmann method

  • B. Min Yun (a1), L. P. Dasi (a2), C. K. Aidun (a1) (a3) and A. P. Yoganathan (a1) (a4)


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