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Global relationships between two-dimensional water wave potentials

  • M. McIver (a1)


When a body interacts with small-amplitude surface waves in an ideal fluid, the resulting velocity potential may be split into a part due to the scattering of waves by the fixed body and a part due to the radiation of waves by the moving body into otherwise calm water. A formula is derived which expresses the two-dimensional scattering potential in terms of the heave and sway radiation potentials at all points in the fluid. This result generalizes known reciprocity relations which express quantities such as the exciting forces in terms of the amplitudes of the radiated waves. To illustrate the use of this formula beyond the reciprocity relations, equations are derived which relate higher-order scattering and radiation forces. In addition, an expression for the scattering potential due to a wave incident from one infinity in terms of the scattering potential due to a wave from the other infinity is obtained.



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Global relationships between two-dimensional water wave potentials

  • M. McIver (a1)


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