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Fractal characteristics of turbulent–non-turbulent interface in supersonic turbulent boundary layers

  • Yi Zhuang (a1) (a2), Huijun Tan (a1) (a2), Hexia Huang (a1) (a2), Yazhou Liu (a1) (a2) and Yue Zhang (a1) (a2)...


The turbulent–non-turbulent interface (TNTI) of supersonic turbulent boundary layers is a fundamental but relatively unexplored physics problem. In this study, we present experimental results from fractal analysis on the TNTI of supersonic turbulent boundary layers, and test the applicability of the additive law for these flows. By applying the nanoparticle-tracer planar laser scattering (NPLS) technique in a supersonic wind tunnel, we obtain data covering nearly three decades in scale. The box-counting results indicate that the TNTI of supersonic turbulent boundary layers is a self-similar fractal with a fractal dimension of 2.31. By comparing data sets acquired from two orthogonal planes, we find that the scaling exponent does not depend on direction, consistent with the validity of the additive law for the TNTI of turbulent boundary layers in a scale range with the large-scale limit not exceeding approximately $0.05\unicode[STIX]{x1D6FF}$ .


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