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Finite-wavelength scattering of incident vorticity and acoustic waves at a shrouded-jet exit

  • ARNAB SAMANTA (a1) and JONATHAN B. FREUND (a1) (a2)


As the vortical disturbances of a shrouded jet pass the sharp edge of the shroud exit some of the energy is scattered into acoustic waves. Scattering into upstream-propagating acoustic modes is a potential mechanism for closing the resonance loop in the ‘howling’ resonances that have been observed in various shrouded jet configurations over the years. A model is developed for this interaction at the shroud exit. The jet is represented as a uniform flow separated by a cylindrical vortex sheet from a concentric co-flow within the cylindrical shroud. A second vortex sheet separates the co-flow from an ambient flow outside the shroud, downstream of its exit. The Wiener–Hopf technique is used to compute reflectivities at the shroud exit. For some conditions it appears that the reflection of finite-wavelength hydrodynamic vorticity modes on the vortex sheet defining the jet could be sufficient to reinforce the shroud acoustic modes to facilitate resonance. The analysis also gives the reflectivities for the shroud acoustic modes, which would also be important in establishing resonance conditions. Interestingly, it is also predicted that the shroud exit can be ‘transparent’ for ranges of Mach numbers, with no reflection into any upstream-propagating acoustic mode. This is phenomenologically consistent with observations that indicate a peculiar sensitivity of resonances of this kind to, say, jet Mach number.



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Finite-wavelength scattering of incident vorticity and acoustic waves at a shrouded-jet exit

  • ARNAB SAMANTA (a1) and JONATHAN B. FREUND (a1) (a2)


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