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Film flow over heated wavy inclined surfaces

  • S. J. D. D'ALESSIO (a1), J. P. PASCAL (a2), H. A. JASMINE (a2) and K. A. OGDEN (a1)


The two-dimensional problem of gravity-driven laminar flow of a thin layer of fluid down a heated wavy inclined surface is discussed. The coupled effect of bottom topography, variable surface tension and heating has been investigated both analytically and numerically. A stability analysis is conducted while nonlinear simulations are used to validate the stability predictions and also to study thermocapillary effects. The governing equations are based on the Navier–Stokes equations for a thin fluid layer with the cross-stream dependence eliminated by means of a weighted residual technique. Comparisons with experimental data and direct numerical simulations have been carried out and the agreement is good. New interesting results regarding the combined role of surface tension and sinusoidal topography on the stability of the flow are presented. The influence of heating and the Marangoni effect are also deduced.


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Film flow over heated wavy inclined surfaces

  • S. J. D. D'ALESSIO (a1), J. P. PASCAL (a2), H. A. JASMINE (a2) and K. A. OGDEN (a1)


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