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Eulerian modelling of gas–solid flows with triboelectric charging

  • Jari Kolehmainen (a1), Ali Ozel (a1) (a2) and Sankaran Sundaresan (a1)


Particles subjected to flow are known to acquire electrostatic charges through repeated contacts with each other and with other surfaces. These charges alter gas–particle flow behaviour at different scales. In this work, we present a continuum framework for analysing the interplay between tribocharging and the flow of a monodisperse assembly of particles characterized by a single effective work function. Specifically, we have derived the continuum, kinetic theory transport equations for gas–particle flow and local-averaged charge on particles directly from the Boltzmann equation. We also derive the auxiliary conditions to capture tribocharging at bounding conducting walls. The resulting two-fluid model with tribocharging and boundary conditions has then been validated against results from discrete element simulations that have been specially designed to probe specific terms in the models.


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Eulerian modelling of gas–solid flows with triboelectric charging

  • Jari Kolehmainen (a1), Ali Ozel (a1) (a2) and Sankaran Sundaresan (a1)


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