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Elastically induced turbulence in Taylor–Couette flow: direct numerical simulation and mechanistic insight

  • Nansheng Liu (a1) (a2) and Bamin Khomami (a1)


Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of elastically induced turbulent flows has posed great challenges to researchers engaged in developing first-principle models and simulations that can predict faithfully the complex spatio-temporal dynamics of polymeric flows. To this end, DNS of elastically induced turbulent flow states in the Taylor–Couette (TC) flow are reported here with the aim of paving the way for a mechanistic understanding of this new class of flows. Specifically, the DNS not only faithfully reproduce the key feature of elastically induced turbulent flows, namely, substantial excitation of fluid motion at the smallest temporal and spatial scales, but also for the first time demonstrate the existence of three distinct flow regions in the gap for the inertio-elastic turbulence state: (i) a fluid-inertia (or outflow-) dominated inner-wall region; (ii) a fluid-elasticity (or inflow-) dominated outer-wall region; and (iii) an inflow/outflow core region. Based on this observation, a simple mechanism for the inertio-elastic turbulence in the TC flow has been postulated.


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Elastically induced turbulence in Taylor–Couette flow: direct numerical simulation and mechanistic insight

  • Nansheng Liu (a1) (a2) and Bamin Khomami (a1)


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