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Diffusion-flame flickering as a hydrodynamic global mode

  • D. Moreno-Boza (a1), W. Coenen (a1), A. Sevilla (a2), J. Carpio (a3), A. L. Sánchez (a1) and A. Liñán (a4)...


The present study employs a linear global stability analysis to investigate buoyancy-induced flickering of axisymmetric laminar jet diffusion flames as a hydrodynamic global mode. The instability-driving interactions of the buoyancy force with the density differences induced by the chemical heat release are described in the infinitely fast reaction limit for unity Lewis numbers of the reactants. The analysis determines the critical conditions at the onset of the linear global instability as well as the Strouhal number of the associated oscillations in terms of the governing parameters of the problem. Marginal instability boundaries are delineated in the Froude number/Reynolds number plane for different fuel jet dilutions. The results of the global stability analysis are compared with direct numerical simulations of time-dependent axisymmetric jet flames and also with results of a local spatio-temporal stability analysis.


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Diffusion-flame flickering as a hydrodynamic global mode

  • D. Moreno-Boza (a1), W. Coenen (a1), A. Sevilla (a2), J. Carpio (a3), A. L. Sánchez (a1) and A. Liñán (a4)...


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