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Dean vortices in finite-aspect-ratio ducts

  • Philip E. Haines (a1), James P. Denier (a2) and Andrew P. Bassom (a3)


We consider the development of Dean vortices in a curved channel of finite aspect ratio. Solutions to the axisymmetric Navier–Stokes equations are obtained through a finite-element analysis, allowing us to explore the complex and rich bifurcation pattern of the flow as the aspect ratio and Dean number vary. We demonstrate a new class of finite-amplitude vortices and discuss their relationship to similar structures seen in finite-length Taylor–Couette flow.


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Current address: Department of Mathematics, University College London.



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Dean vortices in finite-aspect-ratio ducts

  • Philip E. Haines (a1), James P. Denier (a2) and Andrew P. Bassom (a3)


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