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Convective temperature oscillations in molten gallium

  • D. T. J. Hurle (a1), E. Jakeman (a1) and C. P. Johnson (a1)


An experimental study of the occurrence of temperature oscillations in molten gallium contained in a rectangular boat and heated from the side is reported. The dependence of the critical temperature difference across the boat for which oscillations set in upon the boat dimensions and upon the strength of a transverse magnetic field is described. The dependence of the frequency of oscillation on these parameters is also reported together with measurements of the variation of the phase of the oscillations over the top surface of the melt. The results are discussed in relation to the theory in the companion paper by Gill (1974).



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Convective temperature oscillations in molten gallium

  • D. T. J. Hurle (a1), E. Jakeman (a1) and C. P. Johnson (a1)


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