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Capillary damping of inviscid surface waves in a circular cylinder

  • R. KIDAMBI (a1)


We consider the effect of a wetting condition at the moving contact line on the frequency and damping of surface waves on an inviscid liquid in a circular cylinder. The velocity potential φ and the free surface elevation η are sought as complex eigenfunction expansions. The φ eigenvalues are the classical ones whereas the η eigenvalues are unknown and have to be computed so as to satisfy the wetting condition on the contact line and the other free surface conditions – these turn out to be complex in general. A projection of the latter conditions on to an appropriate basis leads to an eigenvalue problem, for the complex frequency Ω, which has to be solved iteratively with the wetting condition. The variation of Ω with liquid depth h, Bond number Bo, capillary coefficient λ and static contact angle θc0 is explored for the (1, 0),(2, 0),(0, 1),(3, 0) and (4, 0) modes. The damping vanishes for λ = 0 (pinned-end edge condition) and λ = ∞ (free-end edge condition) with a maximum in the interior while the frequency decreases with increasing λ, approaching limiting values at the endpoints. A comparison with the analytic results of Miles (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 222, 1991, p. 197) for the no-meniscus case and the experimental results of Cocciaro, Faetti, & Festa (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 246, 1993, p. 43), where a meniscus is present, is good. The study provides a simple procedure for calculating the inviscid capillary damping associated with the moving contact line in a circular cylinder of finite depth with meniscus effects also being considered.


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Capillary damping of inviscid surface waves in a circular cylinder

  • R. KIDAMBI (a1)


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