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An interactive bypass transition mechanism in wall-bounded flows



The interaction between two localized disturbances is analysed in a subcritical channel flow through direct numerical simulations. The initial perturbations are in the form of two pairs of counter-rotating vortices. One of them interacts with the wall-normal vorticity layers set up near the wall, by locally compressing or stretching part of them through the straining motion it induces. The breakdown of spanwise symmetry leads to the rapid development of a new wall-normal vorticity patch that is tilted by the shear and rolls up into a new small-scale streamwise vortex. The process results in a localized turbulent spot at later stages of development. A detailed analysis is carried out to determine the role of different parameters entering the physics of the mechanism. Several critical thresholds that trigger the interactive bypass transition process are found and analysed. The similarity parameters resulting from the parametric investigation coincide well with those governing the self-sustaining Reynolds-shear-stress-producing eddies in the buffer layer of a fully developed turbulent wall flow. It is suggested that the mechanism we propose may play a role in the regeneration cycle of the near-wall turbulence-generating structures by bypassing the three-dimensional streak instability mechanism.



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