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An experimental study of slip considering the effects of non-uniform colloidal tracer distributions

  • HAIFENG LI (a1) and MINAMI YODA (a1)


Various studies have suggested that the no-slip condition may not hold for Newtonian liquids flowing over (for the most part) non-wetting surfaces. This paper describes an experimental study of steady Poiseuille flow at various Reynolds numbers up to 0.12 of four different aqueous monovalent electrolyte solutions through naturally hydrophilic and hydrophobically coated fused-silica channels with a depth of 33 μm. The slip lengths for these flows were estimated using a local method based on a new particle velocimetry technique that determines velocities at three different wall-normal distances within the first 400 nm next to the wall. These results are corrected using direct measurements of the near-wall particle distribution, which is highly non-uniform as expected due to repulsive electric double-layer interactions between the 100 nm tracer particles and the wall. In all cases, the slip lengths were not more than 23 nm and for all but one case, zero within their uncertainties. As illustrated here, the standard assumption of uniformly distributed tracers can significantly increase slip length estimates obtained using local methods and near-wall velocity data.


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An experimental study of slip considering the effects of non-uniform colloidal tracer distributions

  • HAIFENG LI (a1) and MINAMI YODA (a1)


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