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An experimental investigation on the interaction of hydraulic jumps formed by two normal impinging circular liquid jets

  • R. P. KATE (a1), P. K. DAS (a1) and SUMAN CHAKRABORTY (a1)


The flow field due to two normal impinging liquid jets is different from the flow field associated with a single normal impinging liquid jet, and even from the flow field around two normal impinging compressible fluid jets. Depending on the spacing between the two jets and their relative strengths, different kinds of hydraulic jump interactions are possible, resulting in a variety of flow patterns. The present study experimentally elucidates the jump--jump interactions formed in such cases, for different values of inter-jet spacings and for different strengths of the individual jets. Analogous flow fields associated with the interactions between a single impinging jet and a fence are also studied to allow convenient experimental flow vizualizations.



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