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An evaluation of some collision models used for Monte Carlo calculations of diatomic rarefied hypersonic flows

  • J. Davis (a1) (a2), R. G. Dominy (a1) (a3), J. K. Harvey (a1) and M. N. Macrossan (a1)


Three intermolecular collision models have been used in Monte Carlo direct-simulation computations. Their merits have been assessed by comparing the predictions given for two contrasting flows with experimental results. In one flow viscous effects were predominant; in the other the rapid compression ahead of a blunt body was the feature concentrated upon. In both examples the flows were rarefied and hypersonic and the gas was diatomic and rotationally excited.



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An evaluation of some collision models used for Monte Carlo calculations of diatomic rarefied hypersonic flows

  • J. Davis (a1) (a2), R. G. Dominy (a1) (a3), J. K. Harvey (a1) and M. N. Macrossan (a1)


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