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Aerodynamics of slot-film cooling: theory and experiment

  • A. D. Fitt (a1) (a2), J. R. Ockendon (a3) and T. V. Jones (a1)


A simple model is proposed for the two-dimensional injection of irrotational inviscid fluid from a slot into a free stream. In a certain range of values of the ratio of free-stream to injection total heads, the film thickness satisfies a nonlinear integral equation whose solution enables the mass flow in the film to be found. Some experiments are described which both agree with this theory when it is relevant and indicate its deficiencies at other values of the total head ratio.



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Aerodynamics of slot-film cooling: theory and experiment

  • A. D. Fitt (a1) (a2), J. R. Ockendon (a3) and T. V. Jones (a1)


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