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Acoustic modes in jet and wake stability

  • Eduardo Martini (a1), André V. G. Cavalieri (a1) and Peter Jordan (a2)


Motivated by recent studies that have revealed the existence of trapped acoustic waves in subsonic jets (Towne et al., J. Fluid Mech., vol. 825, 2017, pp. 1113–1152), we undertake a more general exploration of the physics associated with acoustic modes in jets and wakes, using a double vortex-sheet model. These acoustic modes are associated with eigenvalues of the vortex-sheet dispersion relation; they are discrete modes, guided by the vortex sheet; they may be either propagative or evanescent; and under certain conditions they behave in the manner of acoustic-duct modes. By analysing these modes we show how jets and wakes may both behave as waveguides under certain conditions, emulating ducts with soft or hard walls, with the vortex-sheet impedance providing effective ‘wall’ conditions. We consider, in particular, the role that upstream-travelling acoustic modes play in the dispersion-relation saddle points that underpin the onset of absolute instability. The analysis illustrates how departure from duct-like behaviour is a necessary condition for absolute instability, and this provides a new perspective on the stabilising and destabilising effects of reverse flow, temperature ratio and compressibility; it also clarifies the differing symmetries of jet (symmetric) and wake (antisymmetric) instabilities. An energy balance, based on the vortex-sheet impedance, is used to determine stability conditions for the acoustic modes: these may become unstable in supersonic flow due to an energy influx through the shear layers. Finally, we construct the impulse response of flows with zero and finite shear-layer thickness. This allows us to show how the long-time wavepacket behaviour is indeed determined by interaction between Kelvin–Helmholtz and acoustic modes.


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Acoustic modes in jet and wake stability

  • Eduardo Martini (a1), André V. G. Cavalieri (a1) and Peter Jordan (a2)


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