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A viscometric study of the breakdown of casein in milk by rennin and rennet

  • G. W. Scott Blair (a1) and J. C. Oosthuizen (a1)


In the later stages of the reaction between rennin and casein drastic viscometric methods are undesirable, but in the first stages there is a fall in viscosity which may be satisfactorily measured in an Ostwald viscometer. Using fat-free milk, the viscosity at first falls linearly with time. At low rennet concentrations (Ce) this may be said to constitute a zero-order reaction (constant k0). At higher rennet concentrations and after longer times, the reaction passes to first order (constant k1). After very long times it doubtless becomes more complex.

The values of k0 are proportional, over a considerable range, to the milk concentration (Cm), those of k1 being independent of Cm.

For pure rennin k0 and k1 are proportional to Ce, but for commercial rennets they vary as a power (N) of Ce and the value of N appears to measure the rennin purity. The potentialities of the method for assessing rennet activities are also discussed.

If the reduced viscosity (specific viscosity÷Cm) of fat-free milks is plotted against Cm, good straight lines are obtained which may be extrapolated to zero concentration to give a reliable value of intrinsic viscosity. The intrinsic viscosity falls progressively during the protein breakdown process but the slope of the curves (‘second order term’) remains unchanged.



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A viscometric study of the breakdown of casein in milk by rennin and rennet

  • G. W. Scott Blair (a1) and J. C. Oosthuizen (a1)


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