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Screening candidate microR-15a- IRAK2 regulatory pairs for predicting the response to Staphylococcus aureus-induced mastitis in dairy cows

  • Zhi Chen (a1) (a2), Jingpeng Zhou (a1) (a2), Xiaolong Wang (a1) (a2), Yang Zhang (a3), Xubin Lu (a1) (a2), Yongliang Fan (a1) (a2), Yongjiang Mao (a1) (a2), Juan J. Loor (a4) and Zhangping Yang (a1) (a2)...


We established a mastitis model using exogenous infection of the mammary gland of Chinese Holstein cows with Staphylococcus aureus and extracted total RNA from S. aureus-infected and healthy mammary quarters. Differential expression of genes due to mastitis was evaluated using Affymetrix technology and results revealed a total of 1230 differentially expressed mRNAs. A subset of affected genes was verified via Q-PCR and pathway analysis. In addition, Solexa high-throughput sequencing technology was used to analyze profiles of miRNA in infected and healthy quarters. These analyses revealed a total of 52 differentially expressed miRNAs. A subset of those results was verified via Q-PCR. Bioinformatics techniques were used to predict and analyze the correlations among differentially expressed miRNA and mRNA. Results revealed a total of 329 pairs of negatively associated miRNA/mRNA, with 31 upregulated pairs of mRNA and 298 downregulated pairs of mRNA. Differential expression of miR-15a and interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase-like 2 (IRAK2), were evaluated by western blot and luciferase reporter assays. We conclude that miR-15a and miR-15a target genes (IRAK2) constitute potential miRNA–mRNA regulatory pairs for use as biomarkers to predict a mastitis response.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Zhangping Yang, Email:


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Screening candidate microR-15a- IRAK2 regulatory pairs for predicting the response to Staphylococcus aureus-induced mastitis in dairy cows

  • Zhi Chen (a1) (a2), Jingpeng Zhou (a1) (a2), Xiaolong Wang (a1) (a2), Yang Zhang (a3), Xubin Lu (a1) (a2), Yongliang Fan (a1) (a2), Yongjiang Mao (a1) (a2), Juan J. Loor (a4) and Zhangping Yang (a1) (a2)...


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