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Screening and characterization of fungal cultures for a milk-clotting enzyme for use in an oriental style dairy product

  • Chin-Wen Lin (a1) and Hsiao-Ling Chen (a1)


The aim of this work was to develop new oriental style dairy products coagulated with culture filtrates from lao-chao, a traditional fermented rice product. The fermenting fungal cultures screened were Rhizopus javanicus, Rhiz. oryzae, Rhiz. chinensis, Rhiz. oligosporus, Aspergillus oryzae, Mucor racemosus and chiu-yao, a commercial starter. All the inocula liquefied a steamed glutinous rice base and produced culture filtrates with both milk-clotting and proteolytic activities. Of the fungal products tested, Rhiz. javanicus was the most successful, producing a good yield of culture filtrate with the desired milk-clotting activity, and the resultant yogurt-like product was more acceptable to consumers than any except that from chiu-yao. The firmness was less acceptable, but this could be improved by using mixed pure cultures of Rhiz. javanicus and M. racemosus.



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Screening and characterization of fungal cultures for a milk-clotting enzyme for use in an oriental style dairy product

  • Chin-Wen Lin (a1) and Hsiao-Ling Chen (a1)


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