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MicroRNA-212 targets SIRT2 to influence lipogenesis in bovine mammary epithelial cell line

  • Xubin Lu (a1), Hailei Xia (a1), Jingyi Jiang (a1), Xin Xu (a1), Mingxun Li (a1), Zhi Chen (a1), Yujia Sun (a2), Huimin Zhang (a1) and Zhangping Yang (a1)...


In this research paper we filter and verify miRNAs which may target silent information regulator homolog 2 (SIRT2) gene and then describe the mechanism whereby miRNA-212 might regulate lipogenic genes in mammary epithelial cell lines via targeting SIRT2. Bioinformatics analysis revealed that the bovine SIRT2 gene is regulated by three miRNAs: miR-212, miR-375 and miR-655. The three miRNAs were verified and screened by qRT-PCR, western blot, and luciferase multiplex verification techniques and only miR-212 was shown to have a targeting relationship with SIRT2. The results of co-transfecting miR-212 and silencing RNA (siRNA) showed that by targeting SIRT2, miR-212 can regulate the expression of fatty acid synthetase (FASN) and sterol regulatory element binding factor 1 (SREBP1) but not peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ). Measurement of triglyceride (TAG) content showed that miR-212 increased the fat content of mammary epithelial cell lines. The study indicates that miR-212 could target and inhibit the expression of the SIRT2 gene to promote lipogenesis in mammary epithelial cell lines.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Zhangping Yang, Email:


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Lu et al. supplementary material

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MicroRNA-212 targets SIRT2 to influence lipogenesis in bovine mammary epithelial cell line

  • Xubin Lu (a1), Hailei Xia (a1), Jingyi Jiang (a1), Xin Xu (a1), Mingxun Li (a1), Zhi Chen (a1), Yujia Sun (a2), Huimin Zhang (a1) and Zhangping Yang (a1)...


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