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Influence of age, dietary protein and weaning on calf abomasal enzymic secretion

  • P. Garnot (a1), R. Toullec (a2), J.-L. Thapon (a2), P. Martin (a2), Minh-Thu Hoang (a2), C.-M. Mathieu (a2) and B. Ribadeau Dumas (a2)...


Using fistulated calves, the influence of the age, type of dietary protein and weaning on the secretion of chymosin and pepsin by the abomasum were studied. The abomasum secreted both chymosin and pepsin when the animals were fed milk. Chymosin secretion appeared to be independent of the age of the animals, whereas a slow increase in pepsin secretion was observed as the calves aged. Several preruminant animals were fed either a skim-milk diet or a milt substitute in which proteins were provided by fish, soya or whey concentrates. Each of these 3 milk substitutes led to a decrease in chymosin secretion without modification of pepsin secretion. Chymosin secretion was partly restored when the calves were again given a skim-milk diet. At weaning, chymosin secretion dropped abruptly, but the pepsin level was not affected. These results indicate that milk (most probably its casein fraction) is responsible for the activation of chymosin secretion.



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Influence of age, dietary protein and weaning on calf abomasal enzymic secretion

  • P. Garnot (a1), R. Toullec (a2), J.-L. Thapon (a2), P. Martin (a2), Minh-Thu Hoang (a2), C.-M. Mathieu (a2) and B. Ribadeau Dumas (a2)...


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