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Histochemical localization and possible antibacterial role of xanthine oxidase in the bovine mammary gland

  • Robert A. Collins (a1), Keith R. Parsons (a1), Terry R. Field (a1) and A. John Bramley (a1)


Xanthine oxidase (XO) was demonstrated to be present in the teat canal and secretory tissue of the bovine mammary gland by histochemical techniques. Homogenates of these tissues were able to replace XO in an antibacterial assay with Streptococcus uberis. The action of XO on its substrate hypoxanthine was shown to provide an essential component for anti-streptococcal activity mediated by lactoperoxidase. A mechanism is proposed whereby the interaction of XO, lactoperoxidase and thiocyanate may provide antibacterial activity in the teat canal.



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Histochemical localization and possible antibacterial role of xanthine oxidase in the bovine mammary gland

  • Robert A. Collins (a1), Keith R. Parsons (a1), Terry R. Field (a1) and A. John Bramley (a1)


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