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Feeding standards for lactating riverine buffaloes in tropical conditions

  • SHYAM S. PAUL (a1) (a2), ASIT B. MANDAL (a1) and NITYA N. PATHAK (a1)


Data from 33 feeding trials, conducted on lactating riverine buffaloes from different institutes across India, were subjected to multiple regression analysis to derive nutritional requirements for dry matter (DM), total digestible nutrients (TDN), crude protein (CP) and digestible crude protein (DCP) for maintenance, milk production and body weight gain. Maintenance requirements for DM, TDN, CP and DCP were 59.9, 35.3, 5.43 and 3.14 g/kgW0.75, respectively; corresponding requirements for producing 1 kg 6% FCM were 688, 406, 90.3 and 55.2 g and for 1 g gain in body weight were 3.37, 1.97, 0.327 and 0.23 g. Regression equations had high R2 values (0.61, 0.66, 0.84 and 0.68 for prediction of DM, TDN, CP and DCP, respectively) and the equations (F-value) as well as coefficients were highly significant (P<0.001). Regressed values were used to derive feeding standards. Derived values matched well with the actual intake versus performance of animals under diverse feeding conditions. New standards predicted requirements and intake of nutrients for different production levels better than existing feeding standards. Because they are based on a more thorough analysis of data, the new feeding standards will be appropriate for use widely in India.


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