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Effects of some calcium-chelating agents on the physical properties of acid-set milk gels

  • Donald E. Johnston (a1) (a2) and Robert J. Murphy (a2)


Acid-set milk gels containing up to 30 mM added hexametaphosphate, oxalate, citrate, EDTA or orthophosphate were prepared using gluconic acid-δ-lactone and their properties investigated. Increases in the apparent shear modulus were observed in the gels containing hexametaphosphate, oxalate, citrate and EDTA. The effect was maximum for hexametaphosphate-containing gels at ˜ 8 mM. Increases were also observed in the force required to break the gels, and for added hexametaphosphate the effect peaked at ˜ 5 niM. The ability of the gels to resist syneresis was investigated by a cut, tip and drain type test and by a centrifugation method. In both tests, resistance to syneresis was increased by added hexametaphosphate, oxalate, citrate and EDTA. The additions of anions were shown to cause disintegration of the micelles and release caseins to the serum. It is suggested that the improved homogeneity of casein distribution that results allows greater opportunity for protein-protein interaction during gel formation and leads to improved properties. Controlled micelle disintegration would therefore appear to offer promise for the development of improved or novel products.



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Effects of some calcium-chelating agents on the physical properties of acid-set milk gels

  • Donald E. Johnston (a1) (a2) and Robert J. Murphy (a2)


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