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Effect of yogurt feeding on the small and large intestine associated lymphoid cells in mice

  • Gabriela Perdigón (a1) (a2), Mirta Rachid (a1), Marta V. De Budeguer (a3) and Juan C. Valdez (a1)


The effect of giving yogurt supplements to Balb/c mice on the various gut-associated lymphoid cells was studied. Animals were fed for 2, 5, 7 and 10 consecutive days. The different lymphoid cell types were identified and counted by haematoxylin–eosin staining of histological slices. The numbers of cells secreting IgA, IgG and IgM and the numbers of T lymphocytes were determined by direct immunofluorescence. The degree of activation of the intestinal macrophages in the small intestine was assessed by measuring the β-glucuronidase (EC released into the intestinal fluid, and also by a histochemical method. Throughout the feeding period, there were no histological alterations in the gut, but there was marked cell infiltration, mainly of plasma cells and lymphocytes. The number of macrophages on the small intestine increased significantly after feeding for 2 d, while the β-glucuronidase activity was only slightly higher that of the controls. After a 7 d feeding period, the number of IgA secreting cells increased, while the values for cells secreting IgM and IgG and for T lymphocytes remained similar to those of the controls. The effect of giving yogurt on lymphoid cells associated with the large intestine was mainly on the numbers of IgA secreting B cells and T lymphocytes, with a marked increase during the whole feeding period in the latter type of cell. Since giving yogurt mainly enhanced the IgA secreting B cells in both small and large intestines, this increase would strengthen the host's defence mechanisms in the intestinal mucosa. Although the number of macrophages was increased, there was no enhancement in their activity, which might have harmed the host by producing an inflammatory response.


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Effect of yogurt feeding on the small and large intestine associated lymphoid cells in mice

  • Gabriela Perdigón (a1) (a2), Mirta Rachid (a1), Marta V. De Budeguer (a3) and Juan C. Valdez (a1)


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