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An innovative pre-ripening drying method to improve the quality of pasta filata cheeses

  • Serena Niro (a1), Alessandra Fratianni (a1), Rossella Mignogna (a1), Patrizio Tremonte (a1), Elena Sorrentino (a1) and Gianfranco Panfili (a1)...


In order to optimise the pre-ripening of pasta filata cheeses, two traditional Italian cheeses, Caciocavallo and Scamorza, were dried for different times at 15 °C, 50% relative humidity and airflow rate of 1000 m3/h, by using a pre-ripening plant. During ripening, microbiological, chemical-physical and sensorial analyses were applied to the products in order to evaluate the impact of the innovative pre-ripening technique used on the cheese characteristics. The used plant led to commercial time saving and to the standardisation of the process, making it unaffected by the effects of temperature and humidity variations, common in small industries. The final products showed good chemical-physical and sensorial qualities and resulted in a higher microbiological safety, preserving their traditional characteristics.


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An innovative pre-ripening drying method to improve the quality of pasta filata cheeses

  • Serena Niro (a1), Alessandra Fratianni (a1), Rossella Mignogna (a1), Patrizio Tremonte (a1), Elena Sorrentino (a1) and Gianfranco Panfili (a1)...


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